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Stump Grinding & Removal

Efficient Stump Grinding & Removal in Central VA

After your tree has been cut down, dismantled, and hauled away that leaves a large stump that's left.  And while a lot of people will just leave it there over time, it's best to have it grinded and removed.  Tree stumps are ugly and do nothing for the value of your home.  And they can take up to 10 years to rot away.   The best and most effective way to deal with tree stumps is to have them grinded and removed. And while it's possible to rent a stump grinder and do it yourself, that can be a costly risk if it's done wrong.  

At Metcalf Tree Service, Inc. we can take care of that tree stump in no time.  We carry the most effective equipment and our staff knows everything needed to know to rid your property of that ugly stump.    

Why should you have a stump grinded and removed:

  • They're ugly and can lower the curb appeal value of your property
  • They're always in the way
  • They're hazardous and can cause serious damage to your lawn mower if you hit them wrong
  • They can attract insects and mold when they rot that can then take over your yard
  • They can cause new trees to form

Call us today to get a free quote on the removal of your stump.  We promise you'll be happy with the results! 

"5 stars!  Do awesome work and get job done fast"

Richard H

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